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American Premier Corporation, an American company incorporated in California, is a manufacturer-direct enterprise with its manufacturing facilities in China. American Premier has been manufacturing quality tackle projects since 2000.

Our staff has more than 100 years of experience in the tackle industry.
We have a national sales force of more than 40 superior professionals, who have a passion for fishing. As a team, we continually strive to provide quality products and services for our customers across the United States and abroad. Dedicated to the great sport of fishing, we are a long-standing member of the American Sportfishing Association. With a vision toward the future we have joined forces with The FishAmerica Foundation in its efforts to keep the nation’s fish and waters healthy thereby increasing the opportunity for sportfishing success.


When it comes to quality, nothing beats American Spirit by American Premier. We are proud of the spirit of American freedom and of our free enterprise system and hope that our feelings and beliefs are reflected in our American Spirit product name and trade mark.