Premier Anodized Aluminum Gaffs

The American Spirit Gaffs are strong corrosion-resistant aluminum featuring anodized gold to resist rust with rugged black non-slip grips, strong stainless steel hook with easy to sharpen points. Most Importantly it floats

Jet Heads

Double Dancers

Double Dancer Lure The double dancer lure is so different from any other lure, it’s patented. With its bulging eyeballs, its unusual shape and the weight shifted to the back, it is the longest casting lure on the market.


The Lord Of Bee Lure

We are so thrilled to introduce this bee lure to the fishing industry and the American fishing public. This is truly a revolutionary design unlike any lure on the market. It is so special that the USPTO patented it in 1999. On his first cast John Watkins, an avid fisherman and the inventor of this lure, caught a 14.7” trout at lake Burton in Georgia. Now the lord of the bee Lure is ready for you to fish. This lure is good for catching Bass, Trout, Crappie, Striper, Rockfish, Snook and other species, if you dare to try it, you will BEE thrilled by the result.

Bee Lure

Underwater Lights

We are excited to introduce this fantastic new product to the American fishing community. This innovative light is so uniquely designed tat it can go 3,000 ft deep without leaking. Each AA battery can power the LED bulb for about 230 hours. The light has been sold in Japan and proved to be a superior fish attractant for the bottom species. As the exclusive importer of this product, we are delighted to bring a new dimension to recreational fishing.

Underwater Lights  

Other Products Include:
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Large Jethead Lures, Light Sticks, Skirts Squids, The Lord Of the Bee Double Dancer Spoon Lures,
Premier Light Stick , Floats Underwater Light